Co-workers: Magdalena Hückl, Ivan Vinarić, Mario Štajduhar
August-september 2020.
Jahorina, Rajska dolina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serb Republic

The labyrinth was created as part of the art colony on Jahorina, Open space hub 2020. This time I imagined the labyrinth as leaving a trace in the natural environment, on the mountain. Out of that need, together with co-workers, we decided to dig circles in the grass so that the stone would settle over time and remain more durable.

The idea was to make a work modeled on the legacies of ancient civilizations. The work is visible to the audience or mountaineers from the lookout point if they sharpen the visual perception. It is only by approaching the art that one gets the feeling of going back to the past, it acts as a trace of the people who lived and worked there before, and as a labyrinth it entices you to look for a way to the center.