Co-worker: Miroslav Šeremet
Slavonski Brod, Gradsko kupalište Poloj, Croatia
August 2020.

The idea for building the labyrinth arose from the need to act in my own city, to bring art closer to the audience, but also from my need to express myself in easily accessible, natural materials. The city beach proved to be an ideal place to react due to the sculptural the material of the sand and due to a large number of bathers, ie due to the interaction between work and the audience.

Inspired by the creation of Buddhist mandalas, which destroy to glorify the transience of earthly matter. I created the labyrinth in fragile sand material whose lifespan is questionable, depending on human activity and weather conditions and also higher forces.

The motive of the labyrinth encourages the audience to get closer and try to find a way to the center and this becomes part of the sculpture in the sand. Since the form of the labyrinth is manifested only from the air, the observer is forced to approach the labyrinth or enter it in order to understand the form, the meaning of the work and find the way to the center. There are only two paths to the center but there are also traps that confuse the person passing the maze. The effects achieved by the audience are amazement with surprise and curiosity because the citizens did not encounter anything similar.