Vertical garden-interior sculptural intervention is a connection of ceramics sculpture, organical form and plants which grow up from this sculpture and it is installed on the vertical base, on the wall. My originally idea is design functional sustainable garden which will occupy little place in a living spaces. My aim was to bring wild nature in a strictly geometrical and sterilize gallery spaces.

I recognized this system for infusion like a functional solution for watering plants, because plants accept the water in situation when person who is taking care about them is not able to water them. Originally, I planted different sort of houseleek plant which, according to beliefs of the elders, guards the house from lightning and thunder. Further I planted "rejected" plants I found on the streets of a city Rijeka. Along with my role like artist whos occupation is also ecology, in this art i present my medical aspect which I emphasise as the care other living beings on planet Earth.

This art piece participated in several individual exhibitions: "Priroda i društvo", "Priroda i društvo se nastavlja", Gallery "SKC Rijeka", 2015., Ex tempore Piran 2+1=ceramics+paintings, Gallery Herman Pečarić, Piran, Slovenia, 2015 and on a two group exhibitions: "Završna izložba studenata APURI", 2014. i "Nagrada APURI", 2014.

Vertical garden 1

Vertical garden 2

Vertical garden 3

Vertical garden 4

Vertical garden 5

Vertical garden 5 - detail

Vertical garden 5 - detail 2